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dogsself1The dog on the left looks just like our Ellie!Our family was blessed to have our own wonderful dog for 11 lovely years. She was a Brittany Spaniel named Ellie and she is sorely missed everyday. Therefore, when I wanted to come up with a name for my new store and blog, it just seemed right to honor her and the luck we had in how wonderful she was with our name: Lucky Dog Postcards. When I was looking for an image to use in my new logo, I found a postcard with a dog that looked just like our baby.

Bird with a Postcard in its Beak
Bird with a Postcard in its Beak

Postcards hold a special place in my heart. My Daddy first fell in love with them when he was newly married and his mother-in-law found some old postcards in her attic. She gave them to him and a hobby was born. Over the years, I accompanied him to auctions, to homes, to antique sales, always looking to add to his collection.

Now that I’m an adult, I have started my own collection and am passing my love of postcards on to my own daughter. It’s a wonderful hobby that allows us to connect with the past and share something tangible to hold and discuss. In the end, I feel so lucky that she enjoys it with me as much as I did with my Dad.

In this blog, I hope to highlight interesting postcards that I have collected over the years along with tips and facts about postcard collecting in general.

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