Clapsaddle Boy - St. Patrick's Day

Ellen Clapsaddle – Postcard Artist

Ellen Clapsaddle Halloween Postcard
Ellen Clapsaddle Halloween Postcard

One of the most well known postcard artists is Ellen Clapsaddle. Her beautiful children are easy to spot and wonderful to collect. Clapsaddle was born on January 8, 1865 and grew up in New York. She began her career as an artist teaching others how to paint. She worked as a freelance artist, sending her outwork to publishers to be published. In 1901, she went to Germany where she got firsthand knowledge of how the engravers worked, putting her designs to paper. She would travel back there and live for a time before World War I broke out, returning again after the war. She died in January 1932 at the age of 68.

Over three thousand postcards have been identified as being illustrated by her. Many collectors try to increase their holdings by adding the more obscure postcards to their collection.  The cards can range from a couple of dollars for the most common cards to some of the rarest Halloween cards going for over $200.00.

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